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 My fictional published works include Der junge Baum, Accidents for Sale, The Eagle that was Afraid to Fly, Happy Birthday, True LoveYou'd Better Hide It, Becoming, Don't Play Dead and Barracuda

I currently am a freelance writer for


Some of my non-fiction articles that have been posted on :

Health Related

Signs and Symptoms of Brain Cancer
Intraductal Breast Cancer StagesIntegrated Dual Diagnosis TreatmentMenopause Memory Symptoms, Types of Lung Cancer, Parkinson's Disease Signs & Symptoms, Effects of Alcohol on KidneysWhat are the Symptoms of Epilepsy, Symptoms of Adult Asthma, Causes of Joint Pain, What is Stone TherapyWhat Chemicals are in Sunscreen, Side Effects of Radiation Therapy for Cervical Cancer, Signs of a Bleeding Ulcer, Symptoms of Hemophilia, What are the Symptoms of Epilepsy, Prostate Cancer Signs and SymptomsBenefits of Kayaking, Types of Dermatitis, Major Muscles in the Human Body, Scalp Ringworm Symptoms, Benefits of an Oxygen BarHealth Benefits of Swimming, Benefits of Playing Golf, Orange Facts, What are the Signs & Symptoms of Acid Reflux Disease, What is the Normal Pulse Rate of an Adult, Side Effects of Androstene, About Shingles and Symptoms of Shingles, Causes and Treatments of a Backache, Causes of Urinary Incontinence, Cures for Sinus Infections, Causes of Lower Leg Cramps, Foods that Cause Gout, The Causes of Elbow Pain, What are the Causes of Hepatitis A

Medications, Herbs, Vitamins and Minerals

Medical Benefits of Olive Oil
, What are the Long Term Effects of Lorazepam, Informtion on Herbal Teas, Methadone Facts, Medical Uses for Sea Salt, Apple Cider Vinegar BenefitsSunflower Seed NutritionWhat is Cod Liver Oil Used For, What are Some Remedies for Gout, Effects of Wellbutrin XL Withdrawal, What Foods are High in Fiber, Diarrhea and Appendicitis Symptoms, Acid Reflux Disease Causes


Adverse Reactions in Cats from Frontline Topical
Symptoms of a Dog Heart Attack, Signs of Liver Problems in Cats, and Symptoms of Cat Fleas, Signs of a Stroke in Dogs, Signs of Stomach Cancer in Pets, What to Feed a Dog with Diarrhea, Causes of Urinary Infections in Dogs, Chronic Inflammatory Disease in Horses


Types of Wood Used to Make Furniture, Quick Facts about California, Why Do Golfballs Have Dimples, Where are the Canary Islands, What are Some Cool Facts About Panama, Facts about Cremation, Historical Facts about Mexico City, What is the Height of a Regulation Volley Ball Net, About the Salvation Army, ADA Bathroom Requir ments, Meaning of Blue Roses, What are Cigarettes Made of, Types of Golf Putters, Facts on Walt Disney World, Types of Blown Glass, Types of Singer Sewing Machines, Types of Flutes, What is Inside Glow Sticks, Facts about the City of Quebec, Adaptive P.E. Equipment, Facts about Polar Fleece, Types of Ping Golf Clubs, Types of Lily Flowers, What Kind of Gear do Firefighters Wear

I also have numerous non-fiction articles on special needs adoption and childhood mental health diagnoses.

I was writer and editor for a Special Olympics, Columbus chapter, newsletter. I wrote personal ads for individuals looking for love with

I also wrote and edited newsletters for The Peer Connection Center - Mount Vernon, Washington and NAMI Skagit.

You can read Accidents for Sale in the Spring 2004 issue as well as Worker's Write! Tales from the Cash Register at
You can read Happy Birthday in the Winter 2008 issue at

You'd Better Hide It, Barracuda and True Love can be read in the Halloween Issue #39, fall 2009 of

You will be able to read Don't Play Dead at in the Spring of 2010

Becoming can be read in the Winter 2009 Issue #10 of Werewolf Magazine 

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