And Then...


All 'And Then' stories (and other prose on this page) are a collaboration between DonnyBoy and Constance

Friends let friends' imaginations dance!


And Then... he said, "zephyrs have that effect on you mortals."

And Then... she said, "pink slippers are better for climbing rainbows."

And Then....she said, as the rainbow kissed her toes, "darn! I can only find my purple slippers!"

And Then...he said, "you stupid ass, those aren't slippers, they're lizards! Meant for cloud jumping!"

And Then...she said as she giggled removing the tickling lizards, "cloud jumping is for sissies anyways. Real adventures are in kissing dragons' noses."

And Then...he said, "Kissing dragons will give you warts" he stabbed the dragon and ate its soul.



And Then...she said, "I'm tired" as she stepped gingerly across the crocodile's teeth."

And Then...he said, "watch out for all the glass shards," after he noticed she was barefoot.

And Then...she said, "oooh, shiny!" and tied butterfly wings to her toes so she could walk across the shards.

And Then...he said, "Why don't you like particus?" so the girl in the monkey suit and the butterfly toes flew to the moon on the back of 'space dragon'.

And Then...she said, "i particularly enjoy particus' for it's what you are made of." And, the space dragon growled to the girl, "want i should eat him for you?"



And Then...she said, "it's almost Tuesday, don't forget your coat."

And Then...she said, "i've tested the water. I didn't see any sharks, a few pirhanas maybe, but they were snacking elsewhere. I'm going a bit deeper now, hopefully not so deep as to drown..."

And Then...he said, "you dumb ass, you can drown in two inches of water, screw the fish and the crocs, and on Friday, you won't need a coat."


Stone Sky



'Twas October and this still and cold night as Evvie plotted her escape from the dreaded master.

The moon took guard through a sky of stone, then Evvie was awoken with a stiff breeze. She lay broken by the sharp tip of her master's boot. Though the goblins claimed it wasn't her fault, and the golden tone of morning light healed the cutest little puppy.

The stones began to tumble from the sky revealing jagged teeth. the sharp boots that kicked, turned into the gremlins they really were.

As Evvie slapped away her dying breath, the scarecrow fell to its knees.

But the wick was snuffed by a final breeze.

The goblin breathed on the wick, hoping against the darkness that the flame would resume. Jagged teeth scraped the goblin's back as it frantically worked for the flame.

And with a sigh, the golden morning light faded leaving cutest little puppy shivering among the gremlins.

That was its dying breath, as the flame claimed one more victim of the goblin winter. Evvie and her master then danced 'til her master rendered her dust and made the sky weep.

The weeping sky and the splinters of time had taken its toll on the old troll. Yet, he swayed rhythmically through the grassy blades, facing an known force known only as 'screeching black dragon'.

The sky stones fell as the goblins had foretold the truth and the gremlins rejoiced at the sight of the fallen stones.

The screeching black dragon fell from the opening of the jagged teeth in the sky. He landed on the troll that summoned him and pushed the troll into his burrow in the field.

It would take years for the troll to find his way to the surface again.

But the troll lifted himself into the stone sky, on an amber blaze of morning light.

The dragon grew jealous for he could not grab hold of the light. He tried to blow flames at the troll but could produce none.

'I'm not negative!' cried the dragon, 'You were my nemesis because of the sky stones!'

The troll, hearing the honesty in the dragon's breath, tossed down a beam of golden morning sun, so the dragon could join him on the stone pillars in the sky.

Now, the amber sky no longer grieves and leaves fade and fall awaiting the arms of winter.






By DonnyBoy....for Constance (because you make me write and think)    :)

Floating in the clouds without me,

is where you are….

I’ll find you there,

and we’ll dance

in the silver lined clouds,

made from tears of a thousand angels,

that cry for our pain and our loss.

I thank God for your light

your understanding and most of all

your 'friendship'

Never let anyone tell you

You're not 100% real!

You move me!

Thank you for sticking by me

For seeing me for who I am

And, for who I might be.





By DonnyBoy....For Charlie


Oh, and what sights

are to be forever burned

into the naked


newly seeing eyes...


And then...she said, 'And one single tear fell from the dragon's eye and dropped into the ocean causing the waves to swell.'

And then...he said, 'The swelling of the waves made the whales playful and want to fornicate and rejoice.'

And then...she said, 'After the whale fornication, the expended sea sperm exploded through the exulted waters bringing infectious friskiness to all aquatic life.'

And then...he said, 'But the sea sperm wasn't safe sex sperm and contained fishy herpes and all the fishes got sick and carried their sickness to the mermaids.'

And then...she said, 'After their trysts with the aquatic creatures, the mermaids looked to the weeping dragon for healing tears for they feared the sickness.'




And then...she said, 'The redwoods loomed, and angels danced in my heart' and one single tear of love fell silently to the forest floor.

And then...he said, 'for starters you are never slient, especially your tears! And, secondly those angels are but pixies coming to steal your breath.'



The leaves are falling from the sky

I don't know why

I guess it is the times

Sure wish this riddle would rhyme

Now I must go to face this day

And, I pray

That this day in your eyes

will not be grey.

The leaves they surely fall

Blowing across the country side

Building a wall

A wall of autumn

impending cold

A rush of winter

A feel of old

Facing today

A smile to begin

The sun once again

Quelling the demons within.


And then...she said, 'An army of frogs just jumped on that crash of rhinos and made them charge into the mob of kangaroos.'

And then...he said, 'But what really started this dialogue was a murder of crows trying to eat said army of frogs that just jumped on that crash of rhinos and made them charge into the mob of kangaroos and killing all the young.'

And then...she said, ' the crying of the mob of kangaroos at the loss of the joeys awoke the flink of cows that had been trying to break the 3 year record of sleep of the snail.'

And then...he said, 'but aren't snails just a weaker form of slugs that feed on the rotting carcass of joeys!!'



Devil or Angel

What is my role with demons?

Hand in hand we walk

Through time

For fighting demons

Takes time

Will we ever learn to fly?

The demons rage within our hearts

And within our minds

It is only through the course

Of time

That we learn to quell

The beasts within

And allow the dawning

Of our wings to begin.

Once the wings take hold,

Our dreams may unfold

No longer fighting

Raging wars within

We search for the sun

And our journey begins

Golden and amber

The rays touch

Our minds


True soaring in desires

Teaches us to fly 






By Constance....for DonnyBoy


We're connected... you and I

Don't understand how, don't know why.

Of thousands of paths that can cross...

Ours intercept, sharing loss.

Giving to one another, what one feels

Senses entwine....thoughts reel.

This journey may one day come to an end,

But along the way....I call you 'friend'.



I see you. I see your courage, your strength,

your determination, your heart.

These are shiny.

I see your bravery

Even in your darkest moments,

Your glimmer in the middle of the night.

I see you for who you are,

Who you wish to be,

Who I see you will become.

I see your shiny broken,

And, it's beautiful.




He just be lost in the story,

the one the music brings.

He plays the guitar,

but he rarely sings.

He shares the notes, the chords, the tune

but when asked,

says he be stoppin' playin' soon

The music plays on

his fingers magic on the strings

never knowing what story

the next note will bring.


His voice it carries magic

but only for him to hear

the story carries on through his music, dear

he plays, he sings, he shares the song

but who gets to hear the magic all night long?

Eddie listens quietly, jojo naps a bit

just four little ears to hear his riffs

his voice may carry the story

the magic, the tune

and the music plays on

yet always ends too soon.


And then...she said, 'the sleep faeries never share enough of their magic with me'

And then...he said, 'i was robbed too. F*^#en sleep faeries, let's kick some arse'

And she gathered pummeling sticks, faerie spray and anti-faerie dust, and said, 'ready when you are'


For DonnyBoy

a breath

a small breath, taken yet given
a vocalized word, carefully chosen
a gentle touch, correctly placed
a step, a journey, a direction lead
paths crossed, then run together
thoughts shared, senses revealed
and a small breath is taken and yet given

.......Sometimes..........your thoughts envelope mine
.......Sometimes..........your words touch my soul
.......Sometimes..........your music kisses me
.......Sometimes..........your touch soothes me
.......Sometimes..........your presense warms me


November 21, 2010

Our Time Has Come

Chorus (without words)

Verse 1


(P)      Have you ever wondered

          Ever wondered why


The walls built within


(P)     Seem so incredibly high


Verse 2

Have you ever traveled

Through pain and fear

Reaching out toward the sun

Just to watch it disappear

 Verse 3

Have you ever watched

The walls come falling down

To let the daylight shine through

As your dreams fell to the ground


 C                            G                                            G

Holding on     to yesterday           the walls continue to climb

                                                              Em          D2           C

Always searching for our sunrise        oh baby    it’s our   time


   Em            D2                          C

Oh baby,   our time has            come


 Verse 4

Have you woken

In the middle of the night


Covered in its shadows

Lost the will to fight

Verse 5

Have you ever looked up

To find death is closing in

Taking away (your) memories

Leaving emptiness within


Verse 6

Have you ever wondered

Ever wondered why

Heaven seems so far away

Seems so incredibly high


Holding onto to yesterday, the walls continue to climb

Always looking for the sun, oh baby, it's our time 

Oh baby, our time has come


Song #2 



Traveling through the stars

Going nowhere, going nowhere


Clouds passing by

Misguide me, mystify me



Traveling with the breeze

Is what I crave, from the grave


Freedom – binding ties

Suffocating – through the lies

Impaled – until I die


In the demon’s eye

Things multiply

That which I crave

Is devoured from the grave


Exsanguination – one drop spills

Captured – is the will

Defiled – until it fills


Falling through that hole

Drifting downward, drifting downward


Life passing by

Defiles me, defies me


Peeling back from my eyes

Visions that haunt me, expose me



 For the Devoted Donnyboy Girls

She waits for his call
No breath of freedom
The chains of love bind her
Keep her secured to his shadow


With no place to go

She’ll always be alone

Waiting for his call

Bound by her love


She’ll get used to her chains

Used to the silence

She’ll stay within his shadow

Never within his heart


The chains that bind, are invisible to her eyes, will she ever realize, only she holds the key. Will she ever realize; she can be free


She waits for his touch

Chooses not to feel

The hours of the days

She is wasting away


No chosen path to lead her

She always remain still

Waiting for his love

Tied by her heart


She’ll get used to the silence

Used to the empty

She’ll get lost within her dreams

Never finding truth


The chains that bind, are invisible to her eyes, will she ever realize, only she holds the key. Will she ever realize; she can be free



 And he said... "is it the rhythm of the rhyme to the man who can't be moved? or is it the song with no soul that will steal your heart? He dwells in silence.


And then... she said, 'The song and its rhythm shares poetic, beautiful things with the heart. One only need to stop long enough to listen.'


And he said, 'But with no ears to hear a song... that was never written for the deaf.'


And then...she said, ' A song & its rhythm need no ears to be heard, for the heart feels the soul of the man who wrote it.'


And then he said, 'Bullshit!'


And then... she said, 'Some day you shall feel  the rhythm and know in your heart the truth.'


And he said, "All this coming from a woman with no rhythm, but a lot of soul.'


And then... she said, "And from a man with all the rhythm in the world, but chooses to hide from his soul.'




Clouded eyes looking over me....

Ahhh, but what is it that I see

The pain is so close...

But not what it is supposed to be

Soul connection that seems so

easy and effortlessly

Ply through the pages of time with ease

Oooohhhh.... Please

Release me....