I breathed you in today

With every thought

You wrapped your arms around me

Held me close

Didn't let go

I breathed you in today

With every mile

You smiled at me

A gentle caress

Made the miles disappear

I breathed you in today

With every wish

You touched my heart

Made me yours

                                        And you mine             

I breathed you in today

With every breath

You were like

A rush of fresh air

Completing me in every way.



True Love


And then she said,

"I will love you forever."

As she tore off

Another piece of his soul

And devoured it

With the sharp fangs

Of her love




         I thought I had a dream once
       A shadow in the back of my mind
              A song unsung
             I ran toward it
               It receded
          I reached out to touch it
            Fingertips pleading
       It stepped out of the shadows
     Taunting me, teasing me, laughing
           Then receded again
       I thought I had a dream once



              Was it you?


I Heard You Calling

I heard you calling to me

last week

I walked on, not sure I had heard correctly

I saw you wave to me


I ignored you, thought you were a stranger

I felt you reach for me


I brushed you aside, thought you were a dream


I find I can't breathe without you








I Walked On

I walked on

going further into the darkness

yet still within my own walls

too tall to climb, too thick to dig through

I walked on

not knowing if I could return

The trees continued laughing

The shadows whispering

Relentless in their callings

Until finally I succumbed

Enveloped in their whispers

captured by their laughter

and now

I am





Still Here

i watched you sleep without me

dreaming of things i'll never reach

wanting me to be someone i can never be

i long to be a part of that dream

one where i matter

one where we count as two working toward one

i watched you play without me

holding onto thoughts i'll never be a part of

feeling warmth that will never touch my heart

i long to be a part of those thoughts

ones where i matter

thoughts that keep us together - two as a whole

i watched you live without me

capturing a life that i can never reach

playing with stars too bright for me

i wish to be a part of that life

one where we can touch and be as one

one where we both matter

i watched you leave today

felt the shadow that enveloped me

i struggled to travel with you

tried to run to be at your side

i wanted to journey as well

to a place where i matter

you didn't look back as you left me behind





For ~ my friend DonnyBoy

Just Me

I cried

For hours it felt

Perhaps mere seconds

I didn’t see you then


I walked

For days it seemed

Perhaps simply in my mind

I came across you


I ran

For miles it felt

Perhaps only a few feet

I felt you near


I saw

For the first time

Perhaps for the last

Who you really are


I lived

Forever it seemed

Perhaps for real

Because of you.



For My Friend DonnyBoy……but really For Me


And Then…


And Then... she said, “I found you”

He smiled and said, “I’ve been right here.”

She looked but didn’t see him

Heard a whisper

Saw a glimmer

But, nothing was there

And Then… she touched and said, “I found you”

He smiled and said, “I’ve been right here.”

She stretched but couldn’t reach

Felt a shadow

Touched a whisper

But nothing was there

And Then…she said, “I found you”

He smiled and said, “I’ve been right here”

She listened but couldn’t hear

Felt an embrace

Embraced the warmth

Finally something

And Then…she said, “I found you”

She smiled herself and said, “I’ve been right here”





The ivy wound down

traversing through the dust

of long forgotten dreams

of thoughts left behind


It traveled across

winding through new foliage

sprouts of new loves

drawing on sparkles of the sun


The ivy carried through

pulling between new vines

that reached for dreams

floating above


It dug its roots along the way

a piece here, a fragment there

sharing itself with the forest

that now grew around


Finally, the ivy reached its destination

One tree which stood alone

waiting to be seen, touched

wrapped in love


The ivy climbed, caressing

blanketing the tree

winding its way up

carrying through the branches

the tree's forgotten tears

to the sky and

letting them rain down

upon the forest



The words were shared;

touching, healing, finding, soothing.

The words were shared;

pushing, pulling, probing, stinging.

The words were shared;

intimate, blanketing, caring, questioning.

The words were shared;

lacking, falling, hurting, wondering.

The words were shared;

trying, struggling, wanting, missing.


Tears fall one by one, the pillow catching each dream

Dreams of warmth, kindess, touch and a soul

A soul to reach to, to speak to, to walk with and to hold

Hold until morning, throughout the whispers, during the raging storms

Storms of words, lost courage, lost loves and of tears

Tears that fall one by one onto the pillow, now drowning with lost dreams




Fading into yesterday...

quieter than a breath,

smoother than a caress.

Fading from tomorrow...

slighter than a glance,

softer than a promise.

Fading into nothingness...

smaller than a dream,

less than a whisper.


I try to close that door; soundly, securely, leaving no illusion of hope.

I try to quell the voices, the dreams, the delusion of fate.

Still I wait. I am here. I am silent. I am invisible.

I try to voice the words so adamantly denied, kept hidden, always shunned.

I try to yell, 'I hate you!' knowing the opposite is true.

Yet, my mouth forms no words.

I am silent. I am invisible. I am here.

Can you see me now??